White Marble Complete Guide: The Epitome of Elegance and Durability

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Introduction to White Marble

White marble is a timeless choice for home decor, offering a classic and elegant look. As a calcium-rich natural stone, marble evolves over time with use, which enhances its character. This characteristic is particularly noticeable with white marble, where imperfections can stand out more prominently. However, with proper care, white marble can maintain its pristine condition, retaining its unique charm and luxurious appearance.

White Marble Stone

Marble has a magical ability to make any room in your home feel luxurious. For many homeowners and designers, nothing compares to the majesty of marble, especially White Marble Stone. Each type of marble boasts unique intricacies and serves different purposes based on its intended use in a space. However, white marble stone has consistently been one of the most sought-after products in the stone industry.
In this article, we will discuss more about this demanded product and all its related aspects as this stone category has a lot of fans worldwide. If you are thinking about incorporating white marble into your home, you can also explore the MGT white marble collection here.

White Marble Types

product formats for export in stone industry

Like other natural stone categories, white marble is available in shapes suited for final use in buildings or for production in stone factories. Below, we will explore these different White Marble Types in more detail:

  • White Marble Blocks

When large mountains are segmented into smaller pieces in a quarry, White Marble Blocks are created for further processing in stone factories. These blocks are the primary form of raw natural stone and are typically produced with a maximum weight of 24 tons to allow for transportation by truck or container. These blocks are then transformed into finished products in stone factories.

  • White Marble Slabs

White marble slabs are large, flat pieces of stone that are currently very trendy. Produced using gangsaws in stone factories, these slabs showcase the natural beauty of marble over a large surface area, making them a preferred choice for many luxury projects. Some buyers prefer purchasing slabs and then cutting them into smaller sizes to create tiles due to the high quality of slab production. For those seeking patterned white marble, book-matched or four-matched slab sets can provide a continuous, stunning visual effect in your design.

  • White Marble Tiles

White marble tiles are a popular choice for various interior and exterior applications. These tiles, smaller in size compared to slabs, retain the same high-quality appearance and natural beauty. Characterized by a white or light-colored base with intricate veins of gray, black, gold, or other hues running through them, each tile is unique, showcasing the inherent variations of the stone. White marble tiles are easier to install and more economical for flooring, walls, and other surfaces compared to slabs.

  • White Marble Fireplaces

Whether you prefer a minimal and modern design or a classic, intricately carved one, white marble fireplaces offer a range of styles to suit any decor. These fireplaces not only add a touch of elegance to your home but also serve as a stunning focal point in any room. White marble can seamlessly blend into various interior styles, from contemporary to traditional. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, white marble fireplaces are also durable and easy to maintain, ensuring they remain beautiful for years to come. If you are interested in exploring different stone fireplace options, you can visit our product link here.

  • White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops are highly sought after for their timeless beauty and elegance. Beyond their stunning appearance, these countertops are valued for their heat resistance, making them an ideal choice for kitchen environments. However, they do require regular maintenance, including careful cleaning to prevent staining. Despite the need for upkeep, the allure and classic charm of white marble countertops make them a coveted feature in both modern and traditional interior designs.
You can order finished countertops from MGT Stone Co., which are ready to be installed, or purchase slabs to customize your countertops to your own design specifications. Keep in mind that MGT is a wholesaler, exporting products in bulk and containers to various countries worldwide. For more details, visit our countertop product page by clicking on this link.

Versatile Applications of White Marble

White marble is a versatile material used in a wide range of applications due to its timeless beauty and durability. White marble can be applied to different interior and exterior areas. Here are two major areas and informative tips for each one:

  • White Marble Wall

Imagine having the natural patterns of a white marble wall in your rooms or on building facades. White is universally associated with peace and positivity, evoking memories of weddings, clouds, the sky, snow, spring blossoms, and pleasant sensations. By opting for walls covered in white marble, you can infuse your environment with these positive energies and create a serene, elegant atmosphere. Both slabs and tiles are suitable options for creating a stunning white marble wall, allowing for versatile design choices to suit your specific aesthetic preferences.

White Marble Wall Tiles

While you can create a white marble wall with slabs, white marble wall tiles are the most commonly used format. These tiles are widely available in the market with various finishes, though polished and textured-polished types are the most preferred for their aesthetic appeal and versatility.

White Marble Tiles Price

The price of white marble tiles is influenced by several factors, leading to a wide range of costs. Key determinants include the purity and origin of the stone, as higher quality and more exotic sources tend to command higher prices. The quality of fabrication also plays a crucial role; meticulously crafted tiles with precise cuts and superior finishes will be more expensive.

  • White Marble Floor

A white marble floor exudes sophistication and grandeur, making it a top choice for those seeking to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their spaces. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, the pristine white surface, often interlaced with delicate veins, provides a timeless elegance that complements both contemporary and classic design styles. White marble floors reflect light beautifully, enhancing the brightness and spaciousness of any room. Besides its luxurious appearance, white marble is also a durable and resilient material. However, maintaining a white marble floor requires regular sealing and careful cleaning to preserve its luster and prevent stains and scratches. Despite the maintenance demands, the unparalleled beauty and stately charm of white marble floors make them a luxurious and enduring investment in any home or commercial space.

White Marble Floor Tiles

White marble floor tiles are available in various sizes, with 60×30 cm and 60×60 cm being the standard dimensions. Customized sizes can also be produced to meet specific design requirements. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, tiles are easier to install and transport compared to slabs, often making them a more practical choice. Additionally, standard-sized tiles tend to be more cost-effective. Whether used in large open spaces or smaller areas, white marble floor tiles offer the same timeless elegance and durability, enhancing the overall aesthetic and value of any space, indoors or out.

White Marble Price

The price of white marble can vary significantly based on several factors, including the type of marble, its quality, the finish, and the origin. High-grade marble from renowned quarries tends to be more expensive due to its superior quality and exclusivity. Prices are also influenced by additional factors such as the complexity of the installation, the thickness of the marble slab, and any special treatments or finishes applied to the surface. For example, polished marble may cost more than honed marble due to the additional finishing process.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific project, it’s essential to obtain quotes from trusted suppliers and contractors. Additionally, consider factors like transportation costs and potential wastage during installation. Companies like MGT Stone Co. offer reliable and competitive pricing, ensuring you receive high-quality finished products at guaranteed rates. By sourcing from reputable companies, you can ensure the authenticity and durability of the marble, making it a worthwhile investment for your home or commercial space.

White Marble Price Per Square Feet

When discussing the price of white marble, it is useful to understand the cost both per square foot and per square meter, as different regions and industries might use one measurement over the other.
To convert between square feet and square meters: 1 square meter ≈ 10.764 square feet.
Therefore, the prices per square meter are roughly 10.764 times the prices per square foot.
This comparison helps illustrate the cost implications whether you’re planning for smaller or larger spaces, making it easier to budget accordingly.

The Elegance and Versatility of White Marble in Home Design

  • White Marble Worktops

White marble worktops bring an element of timeless beauty to any kitchen. Their pristine white surface, interspersed with unique veining patterns, creates a luxurious aesthetic that complements both traditional and modern designs. Besides their stunning visual appeal, white marble worktops are also highly functional, offering a smooth, durable surface that is resistant to heat, making them ideal for cooking and food preparation. However, they do require regular maintenance, including sealing and careful cleaning, to prevent staining and etching. Overall, white marble worktops combine beauty and practicality, making them a coveted choice for discerning homeowners.

  • White Marble Tops

White marble tops are versatile and stylish additions to various furniture pieces, such as dining tables, coffee tables, and sideboards. Their elegant appearance, characterized by a bright white background and intricate veining, enhances the sophistication of any room. These marble tops not only serve as stunning focal points but also offer durability and longevity. They can withstand daily use while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. To keep them looking pristine, regular sealing and gentle cleaning are necessary to protect against spills and scratches. Whether used in living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms, white marble tops elevate the overall decor with their timeless charm.

  • White Marble Vanity Top

A white marble vanity top adds a touch of luxury and refinement to bathroom spaces. Its smooth, glossy surface and unique veining patterns create an elegant backdrop for sinks and bathroom accessories. White marble is a durable material that can withstand moisture and frequent use, making it an excellent choice for vanity tops. Regular maintenance, including sealing and using pH-neutral cleaners, is essential to preserve its beauty and prevent damage from water and cosmetics. The natural elegance of a white marble vanity top can transform an ordinary bathroom into a sophisticated retreat, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability.

White Marble Bathroom

A white marble bathroom exudes elegance and timeless sophistication, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking to create a luxurious and serene space. White marble can be used in various elements of the bathroom, including flooring, walls, countertops, and vanities. It can also be used to create luxurious shower enclosures or surround bathtubs for a spa-like experience. These applications significantly enhance the value of a home due to their high-end appeal and timeless beauty. While white marble bathrooms require regular maintenance to prevent staining and etching, their aesthetic appeal and durability make them a highly desirable option for bathroom design.

  • Modern White Marble Bathroom

A modern white marble bathroom combines the timeless elegance of marble with sleek, contemporary design elements to create a sophisticated and luxurious space. Key features include minimalist design with clean lines and simple shapes, large marble slabs for a seamless look, and a neutral palette complemented by gray, black, and beige accents. Floating vanities with white marble countertops, frameless glass shower enclosures, and modern fixtures in finishes like brushed nickel or matte black enhance the contemporary vibe. Recessed lighting, freestanding bathtubs, integrated storage solutions, and green elements like simple plants add to the modern and serene atmosphere. A modern white marble bathroom is both stylish and functional, achieving a timeless yet trendy look.

  • White Marble Bathroom Tiles

White marble bathroom tiles offer a versatile and cost-effective choice for adding classic elegance to various bathroom layouts. Available in different sizes and shapes, these tiles are easier to handle and install compared to slabs, resulting in less waste and lower costs. However, they do require regular maintenance, including sealing and cleaning grout lines to prevent mold and mildew. White marble slabs, in contrast, provide a seamless and luxurious appearance with fewer or no grout lines, making them ideal for large, uninterrupted surfaces like shower walls and countertops. The choice between tiles and slabs depends on budget, design preferences, and the specific needs of the bathroom space.

White Marble Kitchen

White marble is a versatile and elegant material that can be used in various applications within a kitchen to enhance its aesthetic and functionality. Key applications include countertops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, flooring, wall cladding, tabletops, window sills, shelving, and accent pieces. White marble countertops offer a smooth, durable surface for food preparation and can withstand heat, while backsplashes add a touch of elegance and protect walls from splashes and stains. Marble islands serve as focal points, providing additional workspace and a stylish area for dining or socializing. Marble flooring adds grandeur and brightness to the kitchen, and wall cladding creates a sleek, modern look. Smaller applications like marble cutting boards or utensil holders tie the design together, creating a cohesive and elegant kitchen space.

  • Modern White Marble Kitchen

To create a modern white marble kitchen, combine the timeless elegance of marble with sleek, contemporary design elements. Use large marble slabs for countertops and backsplashes to achieve a seamless, uninterrupted look that highlights the marble’s natural beauty. Complement the marble with a neutral color palette, incorporating shades of gray, black, and beige. Opt for high-gloss finishes for cabinetry, integrated appliances, and minimalist hardware to enhance the modern aesthetic. Key applications include marble countertops, backsplashes, and kitchen islands with features like waterfall edges, as well as large-format marble tiles for flooring. Incorporate modern lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and recessed lighting, and add under-cabinet lighting to highlight the marble surfaces. Keep décor and accessories minimal, selecting a few statement pieces and adding greenery for contrast. Regular maintenance, including sealing and prompt spill cleanup, is essential to preserve the marble’s appearance. By integrating these elements, you can achieve a stylish, functional modern white marble kitchen.

  • White Marble Kitchen Countertops

White marble kitchen countertops come in a variety of styles, each offering unique aesthetics to suit different design preferences. Options include subtle linear veining on a soft white to gray background, providing a refined and versatile look ideal for both modern and traditional kitchens. For a more luxurious and dramatic effect, countertops with bold, dramatic veining in shades of gray and gold on a bright white background are available. Other choices include marble with pure white color and minimal veining for a clean, contemporary look, and softer, more uniform styles with light to medium gray veining for an elegant, harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, some marbles offer a warm white background with gold and gray veining, ideal for those seeking a distinctive yet locally sourced material. Bright white marble with subtle gray or beige veining provides a pristine, minimalist look, while soft white marble with minimal veining offers a clean and understated aesthetic. Each type allows homeowners to select a countertop that complements their kitchen’s style and functionality.

  • White Marble Kitchen Tiles

White marble kitchen tiles offer a blend of timeless beauty and practical benefits, making them a popular choice for enhancing kitchen spaces. Their aesthetic appeal, with unique natural veining, adds elegance and sophistication, while their light color brightens and enlarges the appearance of the kitchen. Versatile and durable, marble tiles complement various design styles and can be used on floors, walls, backsplashes, and countertops. Additionally, their durability and heat resistance make them suitable for high-use areas. Each marble tile’s unique patterns provide a custom look, increasing property value, and their eco-friendly nature makes them a sustainable choice.

Renowned Varieties of White Marble

Certain white marble stones are highly sought after in the market due to their distinctive appearance and unique physical and chemical characteristics. Below are some of the most famous white marble varieties worldwide, along with brief descriptions of each:

  • Vietnam White Marble

Vietnam White Marble is celebrated for its pure, pristine appearance. Designers highly appreciate Vietnam white marble tiles for their exceptional whiteness, sparkling and glossy surface, and robust structure. This hard crystalline marble, sourced from Vietnam, features a tight mesh of small crystals. The intense white color of Vietnam White makes it ideal for creating elegant interiors and sophisticated design combinations in both interior and exterior applications.
MGT Stone Co. also offers pure white marble in its collection. If you prefer Pure Persian Marble over Vietnam White Marble, you can easily explore our product page for Venus White Marble.

  • Panda Marble

Panda marble, also known as Panda White marble, is distinguished by its striking black and white pattern that resembles panda bear fur. This dramatic marble features bold, contrasting veining, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. It is often used for feature walls, flooring, countertops, and other statement pieces, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication. The high contrast and natural beauty of Panda marble make it a standout choice for those seeking to make a bold design statement in both residential and commercial projects. Highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and durability, Panda White marble is a favorite among designers and architects aiming to create memorable and impactful interiors. This famous marble originates from China, with the veining pattern varying from more linear to less defined, depending on the selected block.

  • Marble of Taj Mahal

The marble used in the Taj Mahal, known as Makrana marble, is famed for its stunning beauty and historical significance. This white marble, sourced from the Makrana quarries in India, has a fine texture and a brilliant, translucent quality that has stood the test of time. The Taj Mahal’s intricate carvings and detailed inlay work showcase the marble’s exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Makrana marble continues to be highly valued for its use in monuments, temples, and high-end architectural projects due to its association with the iconic Taj Mahal and its enduring beauty.

  • Mystery White Marble

Mystery White Marble, also known as Bianco Rhino, Namibia White, and Royal White Marble, is a natural stone from Namibia. This marble is renowned for its soft, white color with minimal and subtle veining, providing a clean and understated elegance. Ideal for creating serene and sophisticated interiors, Mystery White Marble is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. Its subtle beauty and versatility make it suitable for a wide range of design styles, from modern to classic.

  • Calacatta Monet Marble

Calacatta Monet Marble is a luxurious and rare variety of Calacatta marble, renowned for its striking veining patterns in shades of gold, gray, and taupe against a white background. Originating from the Apuan Alps in Italy, this exquisite marble is extracted from a single quarry, producing large blocks in very limited quantities. Often used for feature pieces like countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, Calacatta Monet Marble creates a sense of opulence and grandeur. The bold and dramatic veining ensures that each piece is unique, adding a bespoke quality to any interior design.

  • Marmara Marble

Marmara Marble, also known as Marmara Equator or Marmara White Marble, is characterized by its distinctive linear, parallel gray and white stripes, creating a striking zebra-like pattern. Sourced from the Marmara region in Turkey, this unique marble is often utilized in modern and contemporary designs. Its bold, linear appearance makes it perfect for statement walls, flooring, and other decorative elements. The distinctive look and durability of Marmara Marble make it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of modern perfection to their spaces.

White Cultured Marble

The Artificial Stone

In today’s stone market, there are many artificial stones available, making it essential to distinguish between natural white marble and white cultured marble. Cultured marble is a man-made material, created by blending pulverized natural marble with synthetic resins and dyes. This mixture is then formed into slabs or countertops and coated with a clear, protective gel. While natural white marble, extracted from the earth, is a luxury selection known for its beautiful natural patterns, many project managers opt for white cultured marble due to its affordability.
If you still prefer the natural, unique patterns, remember to prioritize natural white marble stone.

Different Types of White Marble

According to Surface Finishes

Certain surface finishes for white marble are more sought after due to their aesthetic appeal, practical benefits, and suitability for various applications:

  • White Marble Polished

The high-gloss, reflective surface of a white marble polished finish enhances the natural beauty, color, and veining of this stone. This finish is a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious and elegant appearance, often preferred for countertops, formal flooring, and other decorative elements where visual impact is paramount.

  • White Marble Honed

A white marble honed finish provides a smooth, matte surface that reduces reflectivity, giving the stone a more contemporary and understated look. It is less prone to showing scratches and etching compared to polished marble, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas such as floors, bathrooms, and kitchen countertops.

  • Antique White Marble

Antique white marble refers to marble that has been treated or aged to give it a worn, vintage appearance, mimicking the look of marble that has aged over time. This treatment enhances the stone’s character and charm, making it look like a piece of history. The antique finish is typically achieved through processes like tumbling, brushing, or acid-washing, which create a worn, weathered look. This finish can make the marble appear more rustic and less polished than new marble. In summary, antique white marble is prized for its timeless beauty and historical appeal, making it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of vintage elegance to their spaces.

Persian White Marble

Persian White Marble is renowned for its crystallized structure, often exhibiting a pristine and refined appearance. This marble category ranges from pure white stones to those featuring intricate patterns with veins of grey, black, blue or gold. The crystalized nature of Persian White Marble gives it a unique, luminous quality that enhances its natural elegance and sophistication. The diverse patterns and veining allow for a wide range of design possibilities, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Iran is home to several rich quarries that produce high-quality Persian White Marble. These quarries are known for their substantial production volumes, providing a steady supply of marble blocks that meet global demand. The marble extracted from these quarries is highly regarded for its superior quality and consistency, ensuring that each block meets the high standards required for premium projects. The abundance of these resources in Iran not only supports large-scale production but also ensures that designers and builders have access to a reliable and high-quality material for their projects.

MGT Stone Co. proudly offers some of the best Iran white marble stones, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and beauty. Our collection includes a variety of exquisite marbles, each with unique characteristics that make them stand out in the world of natural stone. Among our top selections are Ice White Marble, White Gold Marble and Glory White Marble.

These premium Iranian white marbles from MGT Stone Co. are selected for their high-quality crystalized structure and versatile design possibilities. Each marble in our collection reflects the natural beauty and superior craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect. Whether you are looking to enhance the elegance of a residential space or add a touch of luxury to a commercial project, our selection of Persian White Marble stones offers the perfect solution for your design needs.

White Marble Supplier: Your Trusted Partner Through the Years

MGT Stone Co. is a renowned manufacturer and leading supplier of white marble in Iran. We offer a wide range of high-quality white marble at the best prices in the market. As a proud owner of quarries such as Cloud Pure White Marble and Persian Carrara Marble, we ensure a consistent supply of premium materials.

Our extensive facilities include stone factories and slab showrooms, designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With a long history of exporting Iran’s natural stones in various forms—including blocks, slabs, tiles, and other finished products—we guarantee the best white marble bulk purchase experience.

When selecting white marble for your home or commercial space, you have numerous options to choose from. White marble is a popular choice for its elegance and ability to create a serene atmosphere. It also has the effect of making spaces appear larger. Whether you use it for flooring or wall cladding, or mix it with other materials for a unique look, white marble can transform any space.

Our white marble selection is among the finest in the industry and competitively priced. Enhance your home or office with the timeless beauty of MGT Stone Co.’s white marble. Contact us today and let this exquisite material transform your space.


How is the future of white marble predicted?

White marble's future appears promising, with its timeless appeal in architecture and interior design maintaining its status as a symbol of luxury and refinement. Ongoing popularity is expected due to its aesthetic qualities and versatility. Furthermore, technological advancements in quarrying and processing might lower costs and improve sustainability, potentially broadening its market. Thus, white marble is likely to remain a preferred choice among designers and homeowners.

What is a key company for Iran White Marble?

MGT Stone Co. is a prominent player in the white marble sector, especially known for its high-quality Iranian marble, including the celebrated Iran White Marble products. With several operational quarries, MGT is a major presence in both domestic and international markets, offering a wide range of marble products like slabs, tiles, and blocks.

Why should I buy white marble slabs instead of tiles?

Opting for white marble slabs over tiles brings several advantages, including aesthetic uniformity with minimal seams, enhanced customization, and superior durability with fewer grout lines. White marble slabs contribute a luxurious touch and can significantly boost property value, making them ideal for upscale projects that require a continuous, elegant look.