The leading natural stone company in Iran since 2004.

Our Goal

To maximize and maintain satisfaction of our respectable customers.

Ambition 2030

To become the world benchmark for the Natural Stone sector creating the positive impact.

MGT Company at a glance

Our History and our vision

With advanced organizational structure and high-level of technology, MGT supplies high-quality and unique types of Iranian Natural Stone to its clients all over the world.

MGT has been one of the leading natural stone companies in Iran since 2004. in addition, with this advanced organizational structure and high-level of technology, MGT supplies high-quality and unique types of Iranian marbletravertinelimestone and onyx to its clients all over the world. MGT’s activity covers all aspects from quarrying, cutting, processing and finishing to packing and distributing of finished as well as blocks. MGT exports high-quality products including Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Onyx

to almost 60 different countries such as America, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and Far East.

Our customers benefit from our export quality record that meets global standards. MGT is registered by Mr. Ebrahim Mirzaei with more than 19 years of experience in the field of mining and processing natural stones in Iran. The activity started with the extraction of stone blocks from a white marble quarry and now the company owns several mines and factories.

The company’s main strongest point is constant endeavor to promote new varieties of world-class Natural Stone products from time to time and also its ability in having fine-tuned concept of customer satisfaction to meet its client’s needs. We are competent to supply Natural stones in Slabs, Blocks and cut to size as per customer’s requirements. This strategy has helped the company register a steep growth in both volume and its varieties.

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Mr. Ebrahim Mirzaei born on December 12, 1978. He is the founder of MGT Company. Mr. Mirzaei graduated with a master’s degree in industrial management in 2005 from Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran, which is one of the best State universities in Iran. He started his business activity during his academic studies. And after gaining various experiences in the matter of export & import and passing numerous training courses, he started his activity in the field of natural stones and has continued until now.

During his two decades of commercial and industrial activity, Mr. Ebrahim Mirzai founded a wide range of stone companies and developed them over time. the maturity of which was the establishment of MGT Company in 2012. And during this time, with the development of various sectors, it has become one of the largest holdings of natural stones with a wide range of economic activities both in Iran and the world.

His Main economic activities in recent years:

  • Establishment of an import company in the field of importing food, medicine and spare parts in 2001
  • Establishment of construction contracting group and the construction of several residential, recreational and office projects in 2002.
  • One of the founders of Kurdistan’s Marjan Stone Company and Kurdistan Stone Factory in Sanandaj as the largest natural stone production plant in Iran in 2003.
  • The founder of Arjan Seng Parsian Stone Company in the field of domestic and foreign trade in 2005.
  • Establishment of the Parsian Arjan branch in Shanghai, China and opening of a stone block stock yard in Baoshan area of Shanghai in 2006.
  • Establishment of PSB Company in the field of exporting all kinds of natural stones in Xiamen, China in 2012.
  • Establishment of Tejarat Seng Akam or Mecca as the first export terminal of Tehran stone blocks in 2013.
  • Establishment of Akam Stone Trading Company and Akam Factory, located in Shams Abad Industrial area of Tehran in 2015.
  • Establishment of Marjan Stone Mining Group in 2017 and setting up several stone quarries.
  • Establishment of Marjan company and showroom located in Shams Abad Industrial area of Tehran in 2020.

MGT Strategy

We have been producing the best luxury natural stone packages since 2004. Best quality, Large quantity, Innovation is what we do best, inspiring our customers for today and tomorrow.

MGT believes that the world is changing rapidly. Sustainability, environmental protection, and climate change are some of the critical challenges we face today. Therefore, protecting the environment in all our departments is one of our main struggles.

MGT believes that consumer preferences are changing worldwide. And many products of the past do not meet the needs of today’s customers and consumers. We believe that modern architectural designs will be the most sought after designs around the world. On the other hand, using luxury stones with maximum quality will consume more. In other words, the demand for modern products and modern projects will grow. Therefore, responding to this need is one of the main strategic goals of MGT Company.

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    As part of our sustainable strategy, we want :

    • To Increase mining activity, develop the company’s mines, increase the amount of annual stone production and increase the variety of the company’s products from the mines.
    • Development stocks stone products at the MGT showroom in order to meet our customer needs as quickly as possible.
    • Increasing the variety of manufactured products, mainly tile, slabs and blocks
    • Raising the maximum quality and maintaining the company’s position in terms of quality around the world so that MGT is known as a leading stone company in terms of quality.
    • To grow in our core business.
    • To exploit the significant potential of digitalization
    • To Increase the company’s exports and develop target markets

    Our business divisions.

    MGT: One of The Greatest Marble companies in IRAN.




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    MGT proves its high potential for large international projects.

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    Our company history and facts

    At MGT Stone Co., we understand the various concerns that customers may have when it comes to purchasing stones from Iran. Now we have identified these concerns and tailored suitable solutions for each one of them.

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    The most beautiful marble collection

    Marble Slabs have a unique beauty with various colours and design patterns among all stone slabs. A slab of marble with a high polishing level is easily recognizable compared to other stones.