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Blue Marsh Onyx

The best unique multi-color of Onyx Stone is named Blue marsh Onyx which is including magnificent colors such as, Blue, green, Gold, yellow. In addition, this type of blue onyx known as a Blue Rainbow in Iran. Due to the combination of lovely colors, cross cut and vein cut both is applied on it and acceptable as a great and suitable cut.

Blue Onyx

Golden spots of Blue Onyx are like islands that stand out among an ocean. It seams that the island is covered with pretty golden pansy flower while the eye-catching wavy ocean is gleaming under the cloudy sky. What a view of nature is imprinted on Blue Onyx! Beautiful rich colors in a Blue Onyx Slab is just insane when the light passes through!

Golden Blue Onyx

Golden blue onyx or Aqua blue onyx stone (which is combining two color of golden and blue) has best quarry with high quality. Moreover, block of this onyx is big and suitable to produce big slabs.