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Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble has a very dark black background with irregular veins in the shape of white spots which are appeared on its surface and made this stone pattern as a unique item to remind us that stars shine in a ROYAL BLACK sky!

Cloud Pure White Marble

Plain White Marble is another name for this marble, which is one of the beautiful and oldest marbles from Iran. There are many marble quarries located in the Azna area in Lorestan province, having this white marble. The best quarry that provides pure and healthy white marble blocks belongs to the MGT Stone Company.

Venus White Marble

Thassos White Marble, Mugla White Marble and Vietnam White Marble are all reputed names in pure white marble category. Beside our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Persian Carrara Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian Pure White Marble for the first time called Venus White Marble.

Glory White Marble

Besides many White Marbles around the world and our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Venus White Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian White Marble for the first time called Glory White Marble. Its background color is very white and the light pass through it like white onyx material.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is a crystal marble from Italy originally. It is one of the most famous and oldest white crystal marbles among all other white marbles in the world. People in The stone business know about Carrara marble due to its unique beauty.

Deniz White Marble

MGT stone company exclusively presents its white and black Marble with the name Deniz white. Deniz white is a pure white colour with beautiful black veins and dots. The name Deniz is a gender-neutral name of Turkish origin that means SEA. The first time we saw Deniz White Marble as a polished slab, we recalled our memories! The gentle, beautiful veins on the pure and bright white background are a reminder of the beautiful roaring waves of the sea.

Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble has a very dark and clear background but what makes it different in this beautiful black marble, is the narrow and regular white lines on the background. We can also mention the grading texture of this stone as well which is so fine and dense and causes a very clear and shiny look on this stone.

Amazon Marble

Amazon Marble is one of MGT's exclusive products available in shapes of blocks, slabs, and tiles.

Arabescato Marble

Arabescato marble is an exquisite combination of soft whites and dusty grays that swirl together in a timeless marble pattern. Persian Arabescato Marble comes from Iran and it is very similar to Italian Arabescato Marble. This marble has been prized for the intricate and elaborate patterning it exhibits.

Armani Bronze Marble

Brown or chocolate is one of the basic colors in the stone industry. There is a wide range of brown marbles in Iran as well as the rest of the world, some of which, like the Armani Bronze Marble, are world-famous and are considered among the luxury and precious stones in stone industry.

Bela Marble

This Iranian cream beige marble with a lovely wave background gives a rich and inviting feel. MGT Natural stone company selects the best and highest quality of cream beige marble blocks from the quarry and make it ready-to-ship in different size of slabs, blocks and tiles from its warehouse to all countries.

Bianco Coral Marble

Bianco Coral marble is a white marble originated from Iran is now one the best white stones in Iran. MGT first starts its business with Bianco marble quarry. Bianco Coral marble has unique features that makes this marble useful for both indoor and outdoor, even for cold-weather countries such as Russia and Ukraine. It is because having porosity on its surface.


Marble Slabs have a unique beauty with various colours and design patterns among all stone slabs. A slab of marble with a high polishing level is easily recognizable compared to other stones.

MGT Stone can provide you with the Marble slab in various colours and patterns by using the most updated facilities according to our customer’s interests and needs. MGT’s Marble warehouse is filled with a variety of marble slabs at high-quality levels and is ready for shipping and delivery.


Marble Block is generally extracted from the quarry in specific geometric dimensions and is treated by an orderly cut in the factory afterwards. The geometric dimensions of the Marble Block and other stones are in rectangle cubes typically. The dimension of a block is about 200 cm in width, 300 cm in height and 200 cm in length regularly, and the weight would be around 24-27 tons.

Considering the Marble Block’s dimensions and weight and proper design patterns make it proper to produce high-quality slabs in dimensions of 200 cm* 300 cm or be exported worldwide.

MGT’s stockyard is filled with high-quality and valuable Marble blocks to be presented to our respected clients.


MGT is counted as one of the most reputed Marble Companies in Iran and other countries worldwide. MGT, as a Marble Company, has many futures that caused him to be in such a position today. We can mention these futures in two parts. Firstly, MGT is an experienced Marble Company in Export, Mining, Production and services. Secondly, As a Marble Company with extraordinary facilities, including several quarries, factories, stockyards and showrooms, it brings a great position to MGT as a Marble Company.


The total of futures, facilities and experiences are the main principles of a Marble supplier that causes credit for him. By working for more than two decades in this field and being present in the world’s market, MGT is known as the most reputed Marble supplier worldwide.

Studying the market according to customers’ interests, research, and development has always been the principle of work in MGT as a Marble supplier so that it can provide a variety of high-quality and quantity products according to the market’s currency.


All the marble stones are divided into size-wise categories: slabs and tiles, but most consumption are in Marble Tile format. In other words, all Marble slabs will be cut to sizes in the factory or on the project site according to the structure necessity and become the Marble Tile at the end. Marble Tiles can be cut into two shapes, square and rectangle, but the most common shape will be the square shape.

Standard Sizes for Marble Tile are as per below tables:

Square Standard Sizes
Marble Tile30*30 cm
Marble Tile40*40 cm
Marble Tile60*60 cm
Marble Tile80*80 cm
Marble Tile100*100 cm
Rectangle Standard Sizes
Marble Tile30*60 cm
Marble Tile40*60 cm
Marble Tile40*80 cm
Marble Tile60*120 cm
Marble Tile90*180 cm

MGT can provide you with a unique collection of marble Tiles of different types in various sizes.


Stone building resources are estimated at fifteen billion tons, and Iran is standing in first place in having a variety of stones, including the Marble Quarry. It’s in 4th position in total building stone resources as well. With about 54% of Marble Quarry among various stones in Iran, Marble has the most help.

Scattering, variety in colour and design patterns, and the high quality of broad types of Marble Quarry make Iran’s marble unique worldwide. Developing the Marble Quarry was considered in MGT as a strategic policy in the last two decades. MGT has a proper position by owning several Marble Quarry in stone industrial and Marble Quarry positions. Some of our exclusive quarries are Royal Black Marble, Cloud White Marble and Persian Carrera Marble.


All building stones and marble will be moved to the factory after being extracted in proper dimensions for the production line, including Marble Factory. There would be two types of products in Marble Factory: Marble Slabs and Marble Tiles. A gang would cut the marble slab saw machine and gets further process in Marble Factory.

Marble blocks will be cut by a block cutter first and move to the production line for process and producing high-quality marble tiles. MGT provides mass production in various stone types by owning two Marble factories in Iran.

Marble Gallery & Marble Products

Marble Products have great importance with extraordinary futures among all available products in MGTStone. This valuable collection is available under the marble gallery’s position. Initially, we tried to place stones with continual order inquiries in our Marble Gallery. The most critical Marble Products at the beginning were Pietra Gray, several Black marbles, a variety of White Marbles and Cream Marbles. Still, later on, the combination of Marble Products was organized in MARBLE GALLERY so that they could find any stone products in Marble Gallery according to their needs.

We do very smart R&D to add new Marble Products to our collection. After studying the feasibility of supplying and producing high-quality products plus the durability of a new unique product, we will add it to our Marble Gallery collection. Maximum quality parameters in health, dimension, design patterns and colours are carefully measured and monitored in our Marble Gallery for all products. Stones with defects and physical and chemical technical problems have no place in the Marble Products of MGT Company.

What is usually asked by our worldwide clients is to know what are the unique stones of Iran. Or what is the best option for their current project? What colour combination can be used in Marble Products?