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MGT Stone Co has been one the leading natural stone company in Iran since 2004. in addition, with this advanced organizational structure and high-level of technology, MGT supplies high-quality and unique types of Iranian marble,  travertine and onyx to its clients all over the world. MGT’s activity covers all aspects from quarrying, cutting, processing and finishing to packing and distributing of finished as well as blocks. MGT Stone Co exports high-quality products including Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Onyx to almost 60 different countries such as America, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and Far East.

Light Beige Travertine

The most eminent color among stone categories being widely used in projects worldwide is Beige Travertine. Believe it or not, Beige Travertine application is beyond trends! It has been a long time that this stone has retained a top selection for any classic or modern architectural design.

Venus White Marble

Thassos White Marble, Mugla White Marble and Vietnam White Marble are all reputed names in pure white marble category. Beside our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Persian Carrara Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian Pure White Marble for the first time called Venus White Marble.

Glory White Marble

Besides many White Marbles around the world and our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Venus White Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian White Marble for the first time called Glory White Marble. Its background color is very white and the light pass through it like white onyx material.

Deniz White Marble

MGT stone company exclusively presents its white and black Marble with the name Deniz white. Deniz white is a pure white colour with beautiful black veins and dots. The name Deniz is a gender-neutral name of Turkish origin that means SEA. The first time we saw Deniz White Marble as a polished slab, we recalled our memories! The gentle, beautiful veins on the pure and bright white background are a reminder of the beautiful roaring waves of the sea.

Cloud Pure White Marble

Where Purity Meets Perfection: Cloud Pure White Marble is a top-tier, veinless marble celebrated for its pure white color and delicate, cloud-like gray shadows. Exclusively sourced from MGT Stone Co.'s quarry in Iran, it brings timeless elegance and versatility to any architectural and design project.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble has been celebrated for centuries as one of the pinnacle choices in fine stone. Its beauty and durability have made it a favorite for architects and designers, extensively used in iconic sculptures, opulent buildings, and luxurious interiors around the world. The elegance of Persian Carrara Marble makes it a timeless selection for everything from grand entryways to stylish modern kitchens, embodying a blend of artistry and natural splendor that is unmatched.

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People trust our natural stone company because we prioritize customer satisfaction. From the moment they interact with us, they can expect to receive the most related information about their requirements. We provide high-quality natural stones that consistently meet their expectations.


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MGT successfully began its first stone quarry named Maran White Travertine in 2005, ensuring the supply of premium raw materials. As MGT's production and export activities increased, the company recognized the need for further expansion in the realm of stone quarrying...

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As the most trusted and verified stone exporter in Iran, we take pride in providing exceptional services to our global customers. This is your opportunity to collaborate with a professional natural stone manufacturer and supplier from Iran, putting an end to the challenges associated with miscellaneous vendors.
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