Professional advisory on product selection

Consultation for product selection includes:

  • Analyzing and managing customer budgets
  • Consolation on selecting the right product
  • Consolation on color and design selection
  • Consolation on selecting the proper sizes
  • Providing appropriate analysis for decision making

Architectural design and planning services

Design and drawing services include:

  • Providing all kinds of maps of phase one and two
  • Providing 3D construction plans
  • Providing plans of classical and Roman facades
  • Providing maps of modern and combined facades
  • Presenting plans of modern and combined for all parts of the building
  • Provide cutting plans and size selection according to the project to reduce customers' costs

Providing the best optimal transportation solutions

Creating the best methods and routes of transportation includes:

  • Select the best transportation method in terms of cost, time, and safety
  • Providing various methods of transporting goods
  • Shipping of goods to any part of the world without restrictions
  • Shipments from various ports of origin, including Iran, UAE, Turkey, and China
  • Providing all required documentation accurately

Holding tours to visit MGT Quarries and Factories

Holding tours to visit MGT’s quarries and factories includes:

  • Schedule planning
  • Hotel and accommodation reservation
  • Obtaining a plane ticket or assigning a car for transportation
  • Obtaining an entry visa
    Airport Transfer Services

MGT Stone Co Services

Professional advisory on product selection

Today, natural stone is considered to be one of the most important and valuable building materials in construction all over the world. This variety in terms of color and design on the one
hand, and material and type on the other, makes the choice very difficult and complicated for
consumers. Many consumers do not know what design and color or what type to choose for
the specific part of their projects. Each group of stones has different physical, chemical, and
appearance characteristics, and cannot be used in the same way for all purposes.
Therefore, MGT Company has stablished the consulting department for the convenience of customers, where experts with experience in the stone industry provide them with a detailed analysis according to customers’ needs and give their best technical and engineering suggestions to choose the right product in terms of type, size, design and price adequately.

Architectural design and planning services

The architects of MGT Company are able to provide all kinds of 3D maps to have a perspective from the finished project and after using a particular product to the respected customers for free. Designing all kinds of classical and Roman facades according to the wishes and tastes of our esteemed clients is one of the other design and drawing services of MGT Company.

Providing the best optimal transportation solutions

Due to the special position of MGT Company and the variety and number of MGT offices and centers, it is possible to transport by sea, land or rail for many purposes. Depending on the type and volume of the order, and the customer’s needs, MGT’s transportation experts will advise on the best method of transportation.
MGT Company is able to send its products all over the world by using decades of experience and in its wide facilities in exporting. Therefore, MGT Company is able to send cargo directly
and indirectly through the UAE, China and Turkey. That is why MGT’s experts help clients choose the right corridor. MGT has full access to all destinations in the world currently.
In this regard, MGT’s Logistics and Transportation Department helps its esteemed customers by providing perfect transportation documents both at the origin and destination, until the moment the cargo reaches its final destination.

Holding tours to visit MGT Quarries and Factories

MGT Company organizes a visit tour for those esteemed customers who are interested in to see the products in person. Creating a tour requires careful time planning considering the vastness of Iran and the location of many quarries in remote areas. MGT Trading Company is able to plan these tours so that customers can achieve their travel goals in the shortest possible time. In this regard, it is necessary to make the required arrangements with the MGT head office before traveling.


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