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Desert Marble

Desert Marble is a solid and compressive stone that increase the level of polishing in this stone. Like many other marble stones, the cutting method would be cross cut in this stone. The beautiful slabs with uniform color is very eye catching in Desert Marble stone. Design and color of Desert Marble is suitable for both modern and classic projects.

Fossil Marble

Our offered Fossil Marble is originated from Iran. Morocco as one of the origin for marbles has many marbles with a similar color. Black fossil marble and brown fossil marble are from Morocco. China flower gray marble and seashell beige marble are some other similar marbles. Italy’s similar marble is fossil marron marble.

Paradise Marble

Paradise Marble is a classy and stylish cream marble, a luxurious choice for walls and floors in residential and commercial properties. Whether for the perfect walking surface for your floors or the answer to a blank wall, let Paradise Marble envelop you.