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Diana Smoky Onyx

Diana Smokey Onyx is a beautiful combination of white, grey and black colors. Different colors can appear like waves on this stone. In cross cut slabs, these colors appear in circles and that's pluperfect, isn't it?! Being translucent like any other onyx stone, this marvelous product slabs perform a dance show of the light rays when those are applied with a backlight. Definitely, Diana Smokey Onyx is for luxury lovers!

Amber Onyx

Amber Onyx is a natural stone that exhibits warm amber tones with white colored champagne bubbles. Amber Onyx is a natural Onyx with transparent capabilities. Amber Onyx is found in USA and Iran and it is a very desirable stone because of the unique beauty and class it brings to your home and projects.

Bianco Onyx

Bianco Onyx, rare and precious, considered as a staple for luxury since ancient times. Fascinating as the country it comes from, the ancient Persia, today is Iran, Onice Bianco is an extremely precious natural stone, used in the centuries to assemble luxurious onyx handicrafts. Its delicate energy has a soothing and balancing effect.

Blue Marsh Onyx

The best unique multi-color of Onyx Stone is named Blue marsh Onyx which is including magnificent colors such as, Blue, green, Gold, yellow. In addition, this type of blue onyx known as a Blue Rainbow in Iran. Due to the combination of lovely colors, cross cut and vein cut both is applied on it and acceptable as a great and suitable cut.

Blue Onyx

Golden spots of Blue Onyx are like islands that stand out among an ocean. It seams that the island is covered with pretty golden pansy flower while the eye-catching wavy ocean is gleaming under the cloudy sky. What a view of nature is imprinted on Blue Onyx! Beautiful rich colors in a Blue Onyx Slab is just insane when the light passes through!

Caramel Onyx

Honey Onyx Slab Prices are unreliable comparing to the beauty of this natural stone. Because MGT Stone Co has of the biggest stone factories in Iran for mass production, prices are extremely competitive. The prices may defer based on the quality and purity of the Stone. We humbly urge you to contact us if you have any inquiries for the Honey Onyx.

Cream Orange Onyx

Looking marvelous, some people know orange onyx with another name, which is honey onyx. However, Honey and Orange Onyx do not have the same quality, pattern, and color. MGT Stone is divided Orange onyx and Honey onyx into different categories. MGT Stone is divided Orange onyx and Honey onyx into different categories.

Esmeralda Onyx

Esmeralda Onyx has a lovely bright dark green color with a brown line. The contrast of these two colors would make it unique. The Esmeralda onyx is a semi-precious natural stone, which combines deep greens with warm beige grains. This vein-cut onyx is partially translucent in nature allowing light to transmit along with certain points.

Fantastico Onyx

Multicolor onyx is a type of building material in which several colors are combined in a regular or scattered way. Minerals such as iron, aluminum, magnesium and some other minerals cause this color variation. The combination of red, brown, blue, green, and gray colors creates an extraordinary beautiful scene when the light passes through Fantastico Onyx.

Golden Blue Onyx

Golden blue onyx or Aqua blue onyx stone (which is combining two color of golden and blue) has best quarry with high quality. Moreover, block of this onyx is big and suitable to produce big slabs.

Honey Traonyx

Honey Traonyx is an orange - brown color based stone with dark grey, brown and golden veins which is quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, fountains, stairs, window sills, etc. This stone is translucent in onyx parts and it is very beautiful when it is used with backlight.

Karmania Traonyx

Traonyx is a type of natural onyx, which is a combination of travertine, and onyx due to this awesome combination. Traonyx has a special and unique property from both type of stone that is passing light from part of onyx material but the other part would not and illustrate travertine material.