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Cloud Pure White Marble

Plain White Marble is another name for this marble, which is one of the beautiful and oldest marbles from Iran. There are many marble quarries located in the Azna area in Lorestan province, having this white marble. The best quarry that provides pure and healthy white marble blocks belongs to the MGT Stone Company.

Venus White Marble

Thassos White Marble, Mugla White Marble and Vietnam White Marble are all reputed names in pure white marble category. Beside our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Persian Carrara Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian Pure White Marble for the first time called Venus White Marble.

Glory White Marble

Besides many White Marbles around the world and our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Venus White Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian White Marble for the first time called Glory White Marble. Its background color is very white and the light pass through it like white onyx material.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is a crystal marble from Italy originally. It is one of the most famous and oldest white crystal marbles among all other white marbles in the world. People in The stone business know about Carrara marble due to its unique beauty.

Deniz White Marble

MGT stone company exclusively presents its white and black Marble with the name Deniz white. Deniz white is a pure white colour with beautiful black veins and dots. The name Deniz is a gender-neutral name of Turkish origin that means SEA. The first time we saw Deniz White Marble as a polished slab, we recalled our memories! The gentle, beautiful veins on the pure and bright white background are a reminder of the beautiful roaring waves of the sea.

Arabescato Marble

Arabescato marble is an exquisite combination of soft whites and dusty grays that swirl together in a timeless marble pattern. Persian Arabescato Marble comes from Iran and it is very similar to Italian Arabescato Marble. This marble has been prized for the intricate and elaborate patterning it exhibits.

Bianco Coral Marble

Bianco Coral marble is a white marble originated from Iran is now one the best white stones in Iran. MGT first starts its business with Bianco marble quarry. Bianco Coral marble has unique features that makes this marble useful for both indoor and outdoor, even for cold-weather countries such as Russia and Ukraine. It is because having porosity on its surface.

Escato Marble

Escato Marble has a white background with black veins on its surface. The excellent combination of black and white represents the energy of power, protection, and masculinity while the white color is the symbol of softness, gentleness, and femininity. When paired together, they create overall balance and harmony within the space.

Frozen Blue Vein Marble

Frozen Blue Vein Marble has different types depends on the background color and the amount of veins. The first type has a white background with thick fusion blue veins. Now, this type of crystal marble is very popular and trendy for architectural projects in Iran. Another sort of marble has a gray background with very dark veins.

Ice White Marble

MGT is a producer of white marble and it has this aim to share its white gray marble beauty with the world. MGT is the largest quarry owner of White gray Marble and can produce hundreds of M3 of this white-gray stone every month. The Mixture of Ice White Marble and Pietra Grey, which are booth proudly from Iran, is something that catches the eye of everyone.

Lilac Marble

Lilac marble tile is suitable for internal use: floor, wall, vanity tops and stair covering in both private housing and in public buildings with moderate and intensive collective use. The stone material and the stone finish should be selected to suit the area it is being applied to.

Persian Volakas Marble

Volakas Marble’s mine is known as one of the biggest open-pit mines that is quarried under the ground through tunnel excavation and has the ability to be quarried several times a year. Therefore, it is obviously a luxurious and highly demanded product with huge annual production.