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Golden Rose Marble

Golden Rose Marble or Ross Impero Marble is a Persian rose marble with soft rose background and lovely thin gold line. Moreover, Golden rose marble does not have any thick white line compared with Rojo Coral marble and this specific point leads to make your design fantastic and warm. This Persian rose marble has the most demands in Iran.

Majestic Rose Marble

The quality and structure of this red Marble allows MGT Company production line to produce a product with leather surface and also with high strength and hardness. This should be noted that this leather form of this product is very popular. Moreover, the production of Rose Marble contains certain complexities that have made the production of this simple product to a specialized process.

Persian Red Marble

Persian Red Marble is a classic marble in the world of decoration. Red Marble from Iran is a dramatic brownish red marble with white veins. It is available in tiles, slabs, and blocks and recommended for all interior projects. The Persian Red Marble is today on demand mostly for use on interior and exterior flooring, diverse cladding, stonework, and some decoration.

Red Conglomerate

Conglomerate is a clastic sedimentary rock that contains large (greater than two millimeters in diameter) rounded clasts. Iran red conglomerate is a famous stone which usually is used in construction industry.