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Chocolate Travertine (CC)

Chocolate travertine is unique travertine because of beautiful brown color without any spot or color change. Moreover, it has a higher quality and better price compared with Turkish Tan Travertine. This Chocolate Travertine is produced in crosscut. Chocolate travertine is one of the best commercial Travertines, which is producing in MGT’s stone factory at a suitable price.

Dark Brown Travertine

Admired for its natural distinctive qualities as well as its sense of play, Brown Travertine is well worth your consideration. Iran is one of the biggest natural stone exporters. Beige, Cream, Chocolate and Brown travertines are existing in all parts of Iran. Because of these mentioned points, brown travertine would be available in high variety and best quality at MGT Stone Company.

Walnut Travertine

Walnut Travertine is a calm and earthy stone, known for its rich shades of gold, deep mocha, and creamy ivory veins. These colors and tones play within the stone, creating a look reminiscent of impressionist art. The quarries of Walnut Travertine and Wood Travertine are located near each other, so it won’t take much time to visit them both.

Wood Travertine

Old wood travertine tile is a pure decorative material so we interior designers use them in living rooms, TV lounges and sometimes even outdoors. These travertine tiles give the perfect dark brown look and suitable for areas where you want calmness and silence.