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Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble has a very dark black background with irregular veins in the shape of white spots which are appeared on its surface and made this stone pattern as a unique item to remind us that stars shine in a ROYAL BLACK sky!

Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble has a very dark and clear background but what makes it different in this beautiful black marble, is the narrow and regular white lines on the background. We can also mention the grading texture of this stone as well which is so fine and dense and causes a very clear and shiny look on this stone.

Black Mamba Marble

Mamba black marble has a smooth texture, which made it a choice for those prefer to buy absolute black marble. This dramatic black marble with smooth thin veins is a perfect choice if you want to make a statement. Use it for walls, backsplashes, and floors for residential and commercial properties.

Emperador Gold Marble

Gold Marble known as Emprador Gold Marble is considered as a luxurious stone with great value. The golden color has been always in a great position for decorative and artistic projects. Golden Marble has great place in modern projects for designers, Even due the golden future of Emprador Marble in Golden Marble seems to recall about classic days.

Golden Black Marble

Black Gold Marble can also be called Golden Black Marble which is the brand name of this stone and well known in the market. Golden Black Marble is a stone with unique dark black background and beautiful white lines along with nice flakes among them including golden colors in random patterns which makes an impressive design on this marble.

Golden Galaxy Marble

Like other stones with unique veins, Golden Galaxy Slab with having straight or beveled golden and white veins, has created a luxury valuable and at the same time simple slab look for esteemed consumers. Golden Galaxy Slab is applicable for modern environments. Not unpleasant to say that book match Golden Galaxy Slab reminds eye-catching paintings!

Marshal Marble

One of the most impressive features of this Marble is the glossiness and well-polished looks which come from the high quality and noticeable chemicals of the stone! MGT Stone Co. using the best and most up to dated machines is able to provide this beautiful product with the highest quality possible. Marshal Marble is currently being used in various residential and commercial projects in shapes of tiles and slabs due to its exquisite and flawless patterns!

Mercury Black Marble

Mercury black marble, also known as black wave marble, is wavy black marble. The special smoky colour of it looks like you are repeatedly painting a thick smoky colour on the canvas in a parallel or wavy pattern. The traces of the brush on the canvas and sometimes the whiteness of the canvas appear in the labyrinth of black colours.

Persian Nero Marquina Marble

Persian Nero Marquina marble is one of the best Persian black marbles with white veins. Persian Black Nero Marble is a strong material with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates royalty. As classic as they come, this Natural Stone deploys a delicate arrangement that allows the extreme contrast created by black and white to shine through.

Portoro Marble

A unique classic natural stone. Italian Nero Portoro marble (Porto Venere Marble, La Spezia marble, Riviera Marble, Liguria Marble) has white vein with fewer gold veins but Persian Portoro Marble has more gold vein which makes more luxuries marble compared with Italian marble type.