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Amazon Marble

Amazon Marble is one of MGT's exclusive products available in shapes of blocks, slabs, and tiles.

Graphite Marble

Graphite Marble is a distinguished natural stone celebrated for its deep, dark grey to black base and striking white or grey veining, offering a dramatic and sophisticated aesthetic. Predominantly found in Iran, this marble is valued for its durability, versatility, and the luxurious touch it brings to interiors and exteriors alike. Its unique texture and coloration make it a popular choice for high-end architectural projects, luxurious flooring, elegant countertops, and statement pieces, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional designs.

Grey Palladium Marble

The Neutral future of Grey Marble Causes compilation of Grey Marble with other colors like white, black, cream to be very attractive. On the other hand Iran’s position in having such strategic product is notable. Many countries including Turkey have just a few types of Greymarble available but like other type of stones, Iran have many types with vast variety in Grey Marble available normally.

Harsin Marble

Harsin marble tiles feature the unique mixture of white, gray and vanilla beige colors. The visually appealing combination of shades is sure to convey the sense of calmness and the spirit of freedom to the interior. This makes the Harsin Beige Marble polished tiles the perfect decoration material suitable for different surfaces from walls and floors to kitchen countertops and windowsills.

Jurassic Marble

The water color-like lines on its surface illustrate unique and outstanding patterns among other products. Different methods of cutting in various directions can lead to creating an artistic, painting-like piece of art which can be a great feature to produce fantastic book-matched slabs and tiles.

Persian Silk Marble

Grey Emperador Marble is one of the most preferred grey marbles in recent years by interior designers and natural stone applicators. The White Smoky motions on the gray background of the marble give the stone and elegant look. Grey Emperador Marble has a high demand in the domestic and foreign market.

Pietra Grey Marble

As a unique, eye-catching Iranian Marble Stone, Pietra Grey Marble has a greyish-black background. Thick and thin white lines on the black, greyish background create a gentle look on this stone surface. Pietra Grey Marble is one of the oldest Iranian Building stones, and its quarry was found about 50 years ago in Isfahan Province in the Lashator district. Its famous worldwide name has an Italian route which Italy Pietra Stone inspires.

Seta Marmo

Brown Dark Emperador Marble and Brown Light Emperador Marble are always a great combination in a modern design featuring stunning natural Emperador marble in a blend of shades from cream to brown. When it comes to Grey color Marble, this combination can be created with Dark Grey Emperador Marble and Persian Silk Marble as the Light Emperador Marble.

Silver Emperador Marble

Since it is a natural stone, its vein patterns may be different in each piece, concentrated areas of color may occur, and there may be light and dark patches within the same slab. This Silver Emperador marble best expresses its beauty with a polished finish.

Silver Wave Marble

MGT stone company studied the market and customers' needs accurately according to today's trending items and selected and presented its Silver Wave marble material as the most beautiful and unique in the world. Among the wide range of MGT stone company products, Silver marble is a highly decorative and complementary item that goes with other types of unique stones.

Tundra Gray Marble

Gray Marble is very capable in matching with other stones in designing. The Neutral color sense of Gray Marble makes it proper for both modern and classic themes. In addition it can be assumed that Gray Marble is highly admitted all around the world so a good variety of high quality Gray Marbles is provided in MGT Stone Products.