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Hesar Titanium Travertine

Iran is renowned as the world's most abundant source of travertine. Hesar Titanium Travertine which is found exclusively in this region, stands out as one of the most unique varieties of Persian silver travertine stones.

Hesar Black Travertine

Black Travertine is among the most sought-after Iranian Travertine stones, favored for its use in decorative and architectural projects. In response to customer demand, Marjan Stone Company inaugurated its exclusive Black Travertine quarry in Tekab city in 2020. This development has made mass production of this remarkable Travertine stone fully feasible.

Marjan Silver Travertine

Modern architectural practices show a significant global trend towards using grey and silver hues. Notably, one of the most exported stones from Iran is silver travertine, which ranks as the highest in terms of export volume among other stone varieties. This discussion will delve into the details of Marjan Silver Travertine, recognized worldwide as the leading variant of light grey travertine in sales.

Dark Silver Travertine

Dark Silver travertine, a stylish shade within the travertine family, features a porous texture and is widely employed in construction as a building material for various structures, including homes, offices, hospitals, temples, shrines, swimming pools, and bath complexes. Predominantly utilized for indoor applications such as wall coverings, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, silver travertine is also suitable for outdoor use due to its excellent durability in harsh weather conditions.

Grey Travertine

Grey Travertine is renowned for its unique blend of silver, grey, and white tones that bring sophistication and elegance to any space. Sourced from the famous travertine quarries of Kashan in central Iran, this stone is particularly noted for its clean appearance, free of gold or brown veins, making it a popular choice for modern design schemes. It is available in various finishes including polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled, and is ideal for slabs, tiles and pavers.

Silver Gold Travertine

Silver Gold Travertine is a distinctive natural stone known for its unique blend of silver and gold hues, creating a visually striking appearance. Quarried in Iran and also known as Azarshahr Silver Travertine, it offers a range of silver shades in wave-like patterns that seamlessly integrate with various design settings in both interior and exterior projects.

Silver Travertine Collection

Silver travertine is a distinctive natural stone that captivates with its sophisticated blend of silvery gray tones interwoven with other colors like brown, beige and creamy white. Item of silver travertine collection are highly sought after for the unique, bold patterns that make a dramatic statement in any setting architecture. Originating from limestone deposits, silver travertine undergoes a transformation through natural processes, where minerals seep through groundwater, imparting the stone with its characteristic streaks and color variations. This results in each silver travertine slab being utterly unique, offering a bespoke aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.

The versatility of silver travertine stone extends beyond its visual appeal, serving as a durable material for flooring, wall cladding, and even outdoor landscapes. Its robust nature allows it to withstand various weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for patio and garden projects. In interiors, silver travertine's reflective properties can brighten spaces and add a sense of depth, enhancing the overall ambiance of a room. Whether polished silver travertine for a sleek, modern finish or tumbled silver travertine for a more rustic look, this natural stone adapts seamlessly to different styles and design preferences, solidifying its status as a preferred material among architects and designers.

Silver Travertine stands out as the most demanded type of product among all other travertine stones. Being the best-selling travertine for several years, quarries are mainly located in Iran and final products are exported in shapes of stone block, stone slab, stone tile, stone pavers, etc. MGT Stone Co is the quarry owner of some of the world’s best silver travertine stones and exports it to Europe, America, Asia and Australia. To find out more, we invite you to check our silver travertine collection in this page.

How can I buy silver travertine?

MGT Stone Co is the main quarry owner and manufacturer of silver travertine. You can easily send an email or a WhatsApp message to receive more information.

Which type of silver travertine is the best-selling one?

Marjan Silver Travertine is the best-selling silver travertine. The product owner is MGT Stone co that exports it from Iran to many countries all around the world.

Is silver travertine expensive?

If you compare silver travertine price to some other natural stones like onyx or granite, you figure out that its price is not expensive at all. However, silver travertine has been always a very unique luxury natural stone.

Where can I order silver travertine?

You are welcomed to visit Iran and see the variety of Silver Travertine stones in person specially if you are planning a large project. However, finalizing an online order or by receiving a small sample is also possible. Buying directly from a quarry owner like MGT is more cost-effective. The cargo will be shipped in containers from Iran to any port in the world within few days only.

What are the shipping solutions if I order silver travertine from Iran?

As a whole seller, MGT Stone Co evaluates all possible routs if you order silver travertine. You can try a land transition by truck or wagon (if possible). However, most of the customers prefer the ocean freight in 20ft containers via the Bandar Abbas as the origin port in Iran. We will provide all solutions and you can choose the one which is more proper for you.