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Bianco Onyx

Bianco Onyx, rare and precious, considered as a staple for luxury since ancient times. Fascinating as the country it comes from, the ancient Persia, today is Iran, Onice Bianco is an extremely precious natural stone, used in the centuries to assemble luxurious onyx handicrafts. Its delicate energy has a soothing and balancing effect.

Marigold Onyx

Marigold Onyx is a stunning natural stone featuring a radiant white base with rich golden veins, capturing the vibrant essence of the marigold flower. Exclusively sourced from MGT Stone Co's quarry in northwest Iran, this exquisite golden onyx stone is perfect for luxurious interior design applications. MGT Stone Co is a renowned supplier dedicated to providing high-quality, customizable Marigold Onyx slabs and tiles, ensuring each piece reflects unmatched beauty and sophistication.

Pure White Onyx

MGT Stone is exporting pure white onyx to Italy and China regularly. Pure white onyx knows as Snow White Onyx is the natural stone and it has a very nice shine with rich appearance. Snow White Onyx is recommended for indoor applications, including counter tops and backslashes. Architects and interior designers choose white onyx in their luxury hotel and residential projects, using it in interiors, bathrooms, kitchens, onyx countertops, and showers.

Tiffany White Onyx

Tiffany White Onyx is a premium natural stone celebrated for its stunning beauty and exceptional quality. Exclusively sourced from MGT Stone Co.'s quarry in Iran, this white onyx boasts a bright white background with delicate, translucent veins. When illuminated from behind, these veins create a breathtaking visual effect, unveiling intricate patterns that bring a sophisticated elegance to any setting. Available in block, slab, and tile formats for export, Tiffany White Onyx is versatile and ideal for a wide range of luxurious applications, including feature walls, countertops, and artistic installations.

White Karmania Traonyx

White Karmania Traonyx has proven to be one of the most popular Traonyx stones. Compared to similar stones, portion of onyx in white traonyx is higher. That is the reason of White Traonyx incredible light transmission. Translucent background of White Karmania Traonyx is super light cream. Combined with onyx veins, this color creates stunning irregular pattern of brown and black.