2022 Color Trends Inspire and Enhance Timeless White Marble

Color has profound psychological effects on our mind and body. After the uncertainty of the past two years, it is not surprising that color experts are predicting a turn to calming neutral earth tones in 2022. Natural stone trends are also moving to timeless, sustainable materials like white marble.

White Marble: A Classic Material that Complements Trends

We believe white marble has and always will be a staple in the building industry.

The nice part about white marble, in general, is the different types of veining it comes with. Depending on what you are building and what your vision is for your project, you can always find some type of white marble to achieve your goal.

White marble has stood the test of time because it naturally shows worn areas that can bring the activity of the past to the present.  Think of the beauty of worn marble steps and pathways as just one example.

White marble is warm to the touch compared to the engineered quartz marble lookalikes. You can’t replicate the veining in real marble with manmade materials. With new surfacing applications today, there is no reason to be afraid of real marble.

White marble can imbue a sense of calm and serenity—just like the trending colors for 2022. It’s the reason so many homeowners opt to use the stone to create their own personal wellness space. White marble pairs well with other materials, including wood, metal, and concrete.

One of the reasons that we use this marble is for its beauty as it ages.

Creating a Look All Your Own

we understand the appeal of using natural stone. It’s a beautiful material that Mother Nature created. It is not a material that someone printed or stamped. The beauty is the veining and movement that was created through the settlement of the material itself. Often imitated but never duplicated. The beauty of natural stone is the fact that even same material used on different projects does not look the same.


We appreciate the fact that you can obtain slabs with very little to no veining or something that has large wild movement. We are one of the odd peoples in this world who likes to see the movement in the material.