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White Travertine

White travertine is a natural stone from the travertine family, characterized by its predominantly white color with subtle variations and veins of grey, beige, or light brown. It forms through the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate from mineral-rich hot springs, creating a porous stone with unique patterns and textures over time.
Renowned for its elegant and clean appearance, white travertine’s light color makes it versatile for various design aesthetics. The stone often features natural holes and voids, which can be filled or left unfilled based on the desired finish. Its use in architecture dates back centuries, with iconic examples like the Roman Colosseum and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris, underscoring its timeless appeal and durability.
In the next sections, we will explore this natural stone in greater detail, including its various applications, production processes, and guidelines for bulk purchase. If you are interested to check out one of the most premium white travertine collections offered exclusively for export by MGT Stone Co., click on this link  before reading further.

Alternative Names for White Travertine

Natural white travertine is known by various names for several reasons. Stone suppliers and manufacturers often create unique names for their products to stand out in the market. Here are some common names and variations:

Travertino White

“Travertino” is the Italian word for travertine, so “Travertino White” refers specifically to “White Travertine” with an Italian flair. Some may also use the phrase “White Travertino,” which carries the same meaning and purpose.

Travertino Bianco

This term is a more accurate Italian expression compared to “Travertino White,” as it incorporates the Italian word for the color white. Use “Travertino Bianco” when conversing with your Italian clients!

White Travertine Marble

The term “White Travertine Marble” is generally incorrect because travertine and marble are two distinct types of stone; travertine cannot be classified as marble, and vice versa. However, in some regions, people refer to any type of stone as marble, which might explain the origin of this term.

Super White Travertine

Super white travertine refers to the premium quality white travertine from Iran. MGT Stone Co. is the leading supplier of this type of white travertine in all formats, including block, slab, and tile. To explore more about Super White Travertine and view its pictures, click here .

Snow White Travertine

This term refers to high-quality white travertine known for its bright, snow-white color.

Ice White Travertine

This name highlights the bright color of this travertine, evoking a cool, icy theme.

Ivory Travertine

Ivory Travertine is a light, creamy white travertine often featuring subtle beige or yellow undertones.

Classic White Travertine

A commonly used and recognized term in the market for standard white travertine is Classic White Travertine.

White Roman Travertine

Named after the famous Roman use of travertine, White Roman Travertine emphasizes the stone’s classical and historical significance.

Bianco Travertine

“Bianco” means white in Italian, referring to a pure white variety of travertine, commonly used in some regions.

Alabastrino Travertine

This name suggests a resemblance to alabaster, indicating a softer, more translucent quality in the white travertine.

Navona Travertine

Originating from the Navona region in Italy, Navona Travertine is often a light beige or off-white travertine with a smooth, uniform appearance.

Silyon Travertine

Used in certain markets to denote high-quality, white or light-colored travertine, though some light Silver Travertine  products are also called Silyon Travertine.

Premium White Travertine

This term refers to a high-quality, pure white travertine with minimal impurities or color variations.

These names can vary due to regional naming conventions, specific quarry branding, and marketing practices. When selecting travertine, it’s crucial to review actual samples or images to accurately understand the specific shade and texture, as natural stone can vary significantly.


White Travertine Quarry

Key Locations and Leading Supplier Countries

White travertine quarries are found in several regions around the world, each contributing to the unique qualities and characteristics of the stone. Some key locations known for their high-quality white travertine quarries are Iran, Italy, Turkey, United States and Mexico.

Iran is a significant player in the travertine market, boasting extensive quarries across various regions. Iranian white travertine is highly valued for its bright color and distinctive veining patterns. The country’s rich geological resources and advanced quarrying techniques contribute to the high quality of its travertine.

Notably, besides the well-known white travertine quarries in the Abasabad region, Iran is also home to the prestigious Maran White Travertine quarry in Kurdistan province. MGT Stone Co. owns this quarry, which produces travertine known for its exceptionally bright white color and pure, plain texture. MGT Stone Co. exclusively supplies this high-quality product in various formats, including blocks, slabs, and tiles.

One of the most notable projects featuring Maran White Travertine  is the Tehran Mall, located in the western part of Iran’s capital city, Tehran. The façade of this significant project showcases the beauty and quality of Maran White Travertine.


White Travertine Stone

Various Product Formats

White travertine can be produced in various shapes and sizes. Here is more information about the most important categories of finished White Travertine Stone products:

White Travertine Block

White travertine blocks are the initial format extracted directly from the quarry. These blocks are then cut into sizes suitable for producing slabs and tiles in a stone factory  using gang saws or block cutter machinery. If you are a stone manufacturer seeking a reliable supplier of white travertine blocks, you can contact MGT Stone Co. Whether you need a single block or multiple items, this company can fulfill your order.

At the end of this article, we provide a detailed guide for bulk purchases. Keep reading to get the essential information you need.

White Travertine Slabs

White Travertine Slabs are large, flat pieces of white travertine stone, valued for their predominantly white color with subtle veins or patterns in grey, beige, or light brown. These slabs can be finished in various ways, including polished, honed, tumbled, or brushed, to achieve the desired look and texture. Due to their natural waves and patterns, White Travertine Slabs can be used as book match or four match slabs, creating beautiful, repeating natural patterns in each set while maintaining unique micro-scale details in each slab.

Known for their natural beauty, durability, and luxurious appeal, white travertine slabs are versatile and elegant, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. They enhance various design styles, from classic to contemporary, adding a touch of sophistication to any project.

White Travertine Tile

White Travertine Tile, also known as CTS (Cut To Size), is a cut and finished piece of white travertine stone used for various tiling applications. These tiles are typically smaller and more manageable than slabs, making them suitable for flooring, wall cladding, backsplashes, and other decorative and functional surfaces. Like the slabs, the white color of the tiles, often with subtle veins or patterns in grey, beige, or light brown, provides a clean, elegant look that complements a wide range of design styles.

White travertine tiles can be finished in several ways, including polished (smooth and glossy), honed (smooth and matte), tumbled (textured and antiqued), and brushed (soft texture with a matte finish). The natural porosity of travertine gives the tiles a unique texture, which can be left unfilled or filled for a smoother surface. Popular in both residential and commercial settings, white travertine tiles’ natural beauty, durability, and compatibility with the white color trend make them a highly desirable material in contemporary architecture. They enhance the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainability of architectural designs, contributing to spaces that are both elegant and enduring.


Architectural Applications of White Travertine

White travertine is perfectly aligned with the aesthetic and functional qualities sought in contemporary and classic architectural designs, making it a significant and impactful element in the white color trend. Here are the most important applications of white travertine stone:

White Travertine Pavers

Travertine has long been an intriguing and popular choice for covering exterior areas. White travertine pavers are durable, natural stone tiles, often tumbled, and used for outdoor flooring applications like patios and walkways. They provide a timeless, elegant appearance with a slip-resistant surface, valued for their ability to withstand weathering and maintain a cool surface underfoot.

White Travertine Bathroom

White symbolizes cleanliness, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms. You can order slabs, tiles, or even a stone wash basin  made from this material to create a stunning White Travertine Bathroom!

White Travertine Pool Pavers

Designed specifically for pool surround areas, White Travertine Pool Pavers can be provided as vein cut or cross cut, depending on the style preferences of the architectural environment.

White Travertine Floor Tiles

For those interested in white travertine flooring, tiles are highly recommended. Available in regular sizes or customized dimensions, White Travertine Floor Tiles are always in high demand for their elegance and versatility.

White Travertine Pool Coping

If you have used white travertine for your pool deck and pavers, it is highly recommended to use white travertine pool coping. This type of tile can be provided in different stone edge profile  styles to match your design preferences.

White Travertine Coping

Coping stones protect the exposed upper wall face from rain and weather damage while preventing rainwater from seeping into the wall structure. White Travertine Coping is ideal if white is the main color of your architectural elements, available with different edge style finishes.

White Tumbled Travertine Tile

White tumbled travertine tile can be available in various sizes, typically smaller than 30×30 cm. They are the best choice for creating a classic aged look in a bright, trendy color.

White Travertine Countertop

A white travertine countertop is a smooth, durable surface used in kitchens and bathrooms. Its elegant appearance, natural veining, and heat-resistant properties add a luxurious, timeless look to any space while being functional and easy to maintain.


Final Thoughts on White Travertine

Key properties of white travertine include:

  • Naturally porous appearance
  • Durability for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Thermal properties that maintain a cool surface

Understanding the technical properties of white travertine and following a structured approach for bulk purchasing can help you effectively incorporate this elegant and durable stone into various architectural and design projects.

At MGT , we’ve developed a detailed guide for the bulk purchase of white travertine to assist professionals in the stone industry. To achieve a successful pleasing outcome, follow the instructions below:

Guide for Bulk Purchase Orders in the Stone Industry

  • Identify Requirements: This is the most crucial phase of an order. Determine the specific type, finish, and size of white travertine needed for your project (e.g., slabs for countertops or wall cladding, tiles for flooring, pavers for outdoor areas).
  • Source Reputable Suppliers: Look for established suppliers or quarries with a good reputation for quality and reliability. Check their credentials, certifications, and customer reviews.
  • Request Samples: Obtain samples of the white travertine to ensure it meets your quality standards and matches your design needs.
  • Bulk Pricing and Discounts: Negotiate bulk pricing and inquire about any available discounts for large orders. Ensure the pricing includes shipping and customs clearance.
  • Inspect Quality: Before finalizing the order, inspect the stone for consistency in color, veining, and finish. Ensure there are no significant defects or damages.
  • Logistics and Delivery: Confirm the logistics for delivery, including timelines, shipping conditions, and insurance. Ensure the supplier has a reliable delivery system to handle large orders.
  • After-Sales Support: Check if the supplier offers any after-sales support, such as assistance with installation, maintenance tips, and handling any potential issues with the order.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your bulk purchase order of white travertine meets the technical specifications and quality standards required for your project.

White Travertine Supplier

As the leading Iran Natural Stone supplier, MGT Stone Co. provides all the mentioned services in the above guide. You can easily contact us for quotations and all other necessary information. With extensive experience and a strong history in exporting white travertine stone blocks, slabs, and tiles worldwide, MGT Stone Co. is your trusted partner for high-quality white travertine.



Where are the Locations of White Travertine Quarries in the World?

White travertine quarries are found in several regions around the world, but Iran is one of the most prominent sources. The country boasts some of the finest white travertine quarries, particularly in Markazi Province and Kurdistan Province. Notable quarries include those in Mahalat, renowned for Super White Travertine, and the Maran quarry, famous for its Maran White Travertine. These Iranian quarries are celebrated for their high-quality, bright white travertine, which is highly sought after in both domestic and international markets. MGT Stone Co. is a leading supplier, offering premium white travertine sourced directly from these exceptional quarries.

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