Book Match Stone

Therefore the Book Match format will be only created when the background of stones have unique design pattern on them. For example, stones with parallel waves and pattern or stones without unique patterns will not be a proper option to produce Book Match.

Book Match Marble

Any kind of marble stones with unique design patterns or veins would be proper for producing marble Book Match. We can produce Book Match out of marble with and without patterns but marble stones would be more proper and brings about better design when they are made cross cut for producing Book Match.

The more the veins are, the Book Match design would look nicer. For example we can name Silver Waves marble, since they have twisty patterns, it makes them a good option for Book Match or Semi White Cloud Marble with diagonal veins will create a unique kind of Book Match after all.

After producing all the stones with code A and B, they will go for getting cut to size. They will be polished during the process and attached to each other. They will be cut in dual format in order to keep the Book Match form.

4 Way-Four Match

We Define the Book Match codes A and B and for Four Match we will add codes C and D as well. With same measurement 4 slabs would be cut to size in dual format for Book Match.

Stones for codes c and d would be cut to size at the same time as well. Next would be putting all codes attached together in order to reach the Four Match format. We will have a very eye catching Four Match If we put A, B, C and D patterns in a series or in puzzle format.

Book Match Slab

The beauty of Book Match designs is more observable in larger stone pieces. That is why the different type of book match slabs is more common in building stones. The lager the slabs are, the beauty of the frame is more valuable like a painting. That is why Book Match has no meaning is Tiles. Book Match Slabs are more valuable than regular slabs and is more often used in luxuries projects with decorative approach.

Method of Production for Book Match Slab

The principle of producing Book Match Slabs is into coding them. All the slabs most be coded before polishing and after producing them from stone blocks. Each two consecutive slabs will be coded as A, B or with certain code. Group of slabs with code A would be put in normal direction but group of slabs B would be turn inside out. In other sense, the face of Group A would be polished but group B would be polished from the backside.

Book Match Marble Walls

One of the most usage of this stone is on the wall as Book Match Marble Walls. The unique designs of book match on the walls are like pictorial carpet or masterpieces of paintings and cubism paintings some times. They can survive more than 10 years.

Using this kind of stones in Book Match Marble Walls is more often in hotel lobbies with large and luxuries spaces and using them in commercial environments would be proper as well. Another usage of Book Match Marble Walls is as counter in bars. If the book match made by onyx stone, Using lightning in them makes it very eye-catching. Using them as back lights bring about a very amazing patents and images.

Book Match Floor

Acceptability of Book Match patterns now days caused to use them as Book Match Floor. Large spaces and halls like commercial spaces, banks and hotel lobbies are proper places to use Book Match Floor to make them modern and eye catching. It is interesting to know that Book Match Floor can be used in smaller areas like apartments and rooms. The Book Match Floor or four Mach would be at the Centre of room and creates a nice flower pattern and the sides would be completed with smaller sizes.