What is Vein Cut?

Many natural stones are sedimentation result of earth layers, these sedimentation is made by hot spring or see movements. That is why formation of natural stones are in layers. These layers are created by orderly patterns or with more complexity patterns caused by different pressures from earth.

These layers are called Veins in stone products and are more observable at the end side of the stone quarry during the extracting and producing time of stone blocks in certain dimensions. In order to reach the final product, when the blocks are cut in parallel position of natural veins, is called Vein Cut normally.

The assortment for cutting in vein cut format is based on background colors of stone blocks.They have darker and lighter side normally.

What is Cross Cut?

As we mentioned many of stones and specially Travertines are result of sedimentation of layers in horizontal format which are seen in Vein cut format in stone quarries at the beginning of process. If the block is turned 90 degree in opposite direct of Veins in the way that the moving direction of cutting blade is also 90 degree in opposition to veins as well that would causes the veins to be disappeared.

In other sense it would be the cutting of single layer of sedimentation stone but turned 90 degree vertically. This will brings the final product to a Cross Cut mode and without veins and with more unified background.

Vein Cut VS Cross Cut

We mentioned the method of production, the method of creation in natural layers in earth with details. We are going to discuss the appearance differences and role playing in architecture filed.

Looking at it in appearance and in vein cut products, there are veins that are bolder or lighter than the background color of stone but in Cross Cut production, the background color is more unified and without veins or waves. Sometimes with different colors in spot shapes but mostly is unified same as the natural background color of the stone.

Many designers, Architects and end users prefer using Vein Cut products since this format is expressing the beauty of nature’s function. This is also the main point to difference natural stone products from artificial building materials like ceramic and Tiles. In other sense using Vein Cut production is a gift of nature that brought to your project.

It is different in some architecture cultures in some countries, especially in Iran using cross cut production with unified background is considered a luxurious design. Therefore many products are used as Cross Cut since this depends to architecture and consumption of cultures.