Facts about Iran’s natural stone industry

Iran is distinguished for massive deposits of natural stone and decorative stones with astonishing rarity and remarkable types are the most underrated.

Iran annually produces more than 13.500.000 metric tons of stone from over 1600 active quarries. So, this amount allocates the 11.5% of the global natural stone market. additionally, more than 7000 specialized and customized stone factories have been raised to supply about 120 million square meters of standard and exclusive processed stone required for local market.

Iranian architects’ inspiration from ancient  architecture  traditions that has persuaded them to integrates tradition, innovation, and genuineness in the application of natural stone so originating a high demanded local market in Iran.

The global market demand forced Iranian factories to use high advanced machinery and modern techniques in order to cut and produce products in accordance with international standards.

Iranian quarries and factories are able to supply natural stones to the global market with high diversity.

Travertine products with unique and texture and pattern and also containing various range of colors are in great demand of European Countries and USA.

Onyx: Iranian Onyx stones have ranked first in the world in terms of purity, rarity, and verity of colors, and it has remarkable Onyx reservations which made it as a profiting and unrivaled business in international markets.

Additionally, there are other items which are exclusive such as Dehbid Beige Marble – known as Royal Botticino Marble – which is unique in terms of resistance, luxurious cream color and pattern.

Traditionally, Iran is famous for TravertineMarble and Onyx stones, but in recent years the enormous resources of Granite have been discovered which supplies the required Granite stones in of North America Market.

Natural stone quarries have been located in different sections of Iran such as Isfahan, Eat Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Yazd and Markazi provinces.

Most of Travertine quarries are located in Isfahan and Markazi province.There are more than 450 quarries located in East Azebaijan province that provide more than 4000 tons of natural stones products demanded by the market.

The 15% of extracted stones in Fars province are Marble stones.There are many natural stone quarries in Yazd.Iran is one the rich countries in the fields of natural resources, especially natural stones. with its high production capacity, Iran is considered as one the main suppliers of natural stones with high variety of colors and luxurious pattern and texture to global market

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