Choosing right material for flooring is one of the most important stage in all building projects. The massive type of artificial flooring along with vast purposeful advertising is provided by producers in order to represent them as a replacement for natural stone products. Different type of ceramics, packets, carpets, mosaics and artificial stones are as such.

Sometimes the large size of these producers and expensive targeted advertising levels has been effective to change the customers taste in short term but the slogan in many of these advertisers are about the similarity to natural stones and using the natural stone patterns in their artificial products as the best replacement for natural stones. Therefore all of them admit the quality and irreplaceability of natural stones that makes it the best option for flooring.


We can assure you if the budget is right, all customers prefer to use natural stones instead of artificial materials for flooring. Therefore in order to supply different type of stone products, especially on flooring, MGT’s strategy is to produce vast range of products so all customers with different budgets are able to order natural stone instead of artificial materials.

One of the negative point is shown in artificial material advertisers is about high cost of natural stone products. They try to convince consumers that using natural stones is not economic and high cost. They make consumers believe that natural stones are only proper for special projects or luxuries projects like hotels and malls which has been successful method in recent years but this is far from the reality. They have been successful to convey that because there is lack of right advertising by natural stone producers in market but the reality is that many of artificial materials are more expensive than natural stones. On the other hand natural stones are having different types and prices so that all customers can have their best choices according their budgets.


MGT tried to provide lower cost production by relying on his high quality process in vast and different variety range in natural stone product for such customers with limited budget as well. Many artificial products looking nice only at the time of presentation and losing their quality after installed in short term. Their defect will be appeared after a while, qualities like losing the polish and going blur, lack of strength, breaking probability, color change, Vulnerability to foodstuffs and detergents are some of factors to damage artificial materials seriously.

The damage on this type of materials are the scale for renovating time of buildings that using such material and bearing with renovation’s high cost. Natural stones have the highest strength if it is picked carefully in time of selection. It is interesting to know that unlike artificial material, not only the passage of time cause loosing quality in natural stones but cause more beauty and value on them too, to prove that we can example historical structures in different countries with different climates which natural stones are used as main material and they are still standing Tough and glorious after many centuries. That is why MGT Company introduces the natural stone products the best type of flooring option without any prejudice. MGT’s professional experts are ready to provide all customers, owners and architects with proper consultant in order to find the right stone products according their project’s needs.