Natural Stone Packing

Having a proper packing technic regarding to a product, according the customers need is one of the important matters in all industrial fields. This process, having proper packing is also an important matter in natural stone field as well. Making proper and standard Packing may seem easy at the beginning but it is an important procedure to complete the outcome of production. Since the products in stone industrials are more massive and heavy, it is even more important matter.

On the other hand for companies like MGT who exports most of his production internationally to other countries, packing becomes a very important matter that is why we take packing as a serious matter. Therefore MGT decided to establish his own workshop for producing the pallets in order to be responsive according to past valuable experience and flexibility to customer’s requirement in this matter.

Therefore we can say in choosing proper Packing, below factors are important:

1. Customers requirement

2. Production method and storage condition in destination.

3. Production Type

4. Stone Type

5. Production Size

6. Loading Method and transportation type

7. Equipment and facilities in ports

According to affecting factors, we can classify packings according below:

1. Metal pallets

2. Wooden pallets

3. Wooden Crates

4. Special pallets for tile

Metal Pallets

MGT believes the best type of packing for large and standard slabs would be Metal pallets. The standard metal pellets have high durability that prevent slabs against movements. Metal pallets divided in large and small types normally, they are used when the process of loading and lashing is done out of factory in loading port.

Specification for Large Metal Pallets

Net Weight of pallet80-100 KG
Base Size of slab placement50 Cm
Capacity According M2100-130 M2
Quantity of Slabs25 pieces of 2 Cm slabs
Loaded Pallet’s Weight5000-6000Kg
20’ Container capacity4 Pallets

Specification for small Metal Pallets

Net Weight of pallet70-80 KG
Base Size of slab placement25 Cm
Capacity According M250-60 M2
Quantity of Slabs12 pieces of 2 Cm slabs
Loaded Pallet’s Weight2500-3000 Kg
20’ Container capacity8 Pallets

Wooden pallets

The instruction of wooden pallets are same as metal pallets but due to more flexibility some customers prefer wooden pallets for luxuries stone products like different type of Onyxes in transportation. But in export procedure, MGT’s suggestion would be using wooden pallets only when there is possibility to load the stone products in a container at factory or warehouse that we can make loading with proper equipment and final lashing by our own method.

On the other hand, the possibility of unloading the container directly at the final destination should be available in order to deliver the products properly. Otherwise wooden pallets without proper lashings are in danger to be hurt due to many movements created by trucks in roads to final destination.

Wooden Crates

The most proper packing for small tiles are wooden crates. Regular sizes for this packing would be tiles with standard dimensions like 30*30 Cm, 30*60 Cm, 40*60 Cm, and 60*60 Cm normally. Following the principles is very important for this type of packing and they must be made from proper woods for these products.

Using columns on the leads of pallets and cross shape column to the sides of the crates is to make the crates stronger and preventing pressures. Strap wrapping is also needed as well. All these parameters cause to prevent any shocks that might happen to crates and increases the strength of the packing.  On the other hand using plastic tools for corners of tiles and Styrofoam on the bottom of crates to prevent any damage on the edge of tiles.

Special Pallets

We use special metal or wooden pallets with custom sizes for some cases according customers’ requirements or irregular size of slabs and stone products. For example, for large tiles with 100 *100 Cm we suggest special wooden or metal pallets instead of wooden Crates according their dimension.

MGT is proud to provide the best type of packaging for the valuable products for the purpose of transportation according to our valuable experience during past years and relevant facilities to our respected customers worldwide. This proper packing is the key to guaranty that our products are delivered to the final destination intact to thousand miles away around the globe.

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