What are the Best types of Travertines?

Travertines are a type of soft stones. Travertine Stones are limestone riddled with holes and considered to be sedimentary and decorative stones. This stone is formed as the result of hot mineral springs throughout millions of years. The holes on Travertine stones are due to gases in sedimentation. Hence the number of solved elements in water and the amount of gases in sediments cause the quality, color, and the patterns of travertine stones. There are different types of Travertines in various countries that have Natural Stone Resources and Quarries but undoubtedly the best types of Travertines are found in Iran.

The categorization of types of travertines are usually based on the color of the stones. Therefore, in many countries, the color of stone is the main source of nomenclature. Generally, the best type of travertines is of bright colors. Hence it can be said that white travertines are of the most valuable types of travertines. Features like uniformity, color, regular waves and the high degrees of health of this stone affect the value of Travertines. Following the white color, the most valuable type of travertine is of cream color which is also followed by travertines of special colors such as different types of silver.

Iran is the only country that has a unique variety of the best types of Travertines. Colors such as white, cream, beige, chocolate, red, yellow, walnut and also mixed colors of Travertines can be found in Iran.


The best travertine blocks are those which are in cubic dimension of 300 meters length,200 meters width and 200 meters of height. The preferable tonnage for the best type of travertine block is 24 tons. The health of block, lack of cracks and fractures, lack of big holes adds to the value of these blocks.


The best type of travertine slabs is produced from the best types of blocks. Therefore, the best size of slab is of 300 cm length and 200 cm height. As a result, the dimension of a slab and its size affect the value of slab. The uniformity of the type of waves in slab as well as the health of slab, its patterns and the quality of processing in the production of slabs are the main criteria for valuation of slabs.

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