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Hesar Black Travertine

Black Travertine is among the most sought-after Iranian Travertine stones, favored for its use in decorative and architectural projects. In response to customer demand, Marjan Stone Company inaugurated its exclusive Black Travertine quarry in Tekab city in 2020. This development has made mass production of this remarkable Travertine stone fully feasible.

Marjan Silver Travertine

Modern architectural practices show a significant global trend towards using grey and silver hues. Notably, one of the most exported stones from Iran is silver travertine, which ranks as the highest in terms of export volume among other stone varieties. This discussion will delve into the details of Marjan Silver Travertine, recognized worldwide as the leading variant of light grey travertine in sales.

Maran White Travertine

Maran White Travertine, renowned for its beautiful plain white color and compact structure, features very few surface holes, enhancing its durability. This premium natural stone, exclusively provided by MGT Stone Co., is ideal for both interior and exterior applications, making it suitable for various weather conditions and perfect for luxury architectural projects.

Light Beige Travertine

The most eminent color among stone categories being widely used in projects worldwide is Beige Travertine. Believe it or not, Beige Travertine application is beyond trends! It has been a long time that this stone has retained a top selection for any classic or modern architectural design.

Chocolate Travertine (CC)

Chocolate travertine is unique travertine because of beautiful brown color without any spot or color change. Moreover, it has a higher quality and better price compared with Turkish Tan Travertine. This Chocolate Travertine is produced in crosscut. Chocolate travertine is one of the best commercial Travertines, which is producing in MGT’s stone factory at a suitable price.

Classic Cream Travertine

Alive with a swirl of tans and creams, this gorgeous travertine is equally lovely for travertine flooring, travertine wall tile, and travertine countertop applications. Achieve high style and natural good looks with this stunning collection of travertine. The price of this travertine stone is very affordable despite the presence of white-tinted colors and the regular and fine veins that make this stone worthwhile.

Dark Brown Travertine

Admired for its natural distinctive qualities as well as its sense of play, Brown Travertine is well worth your consideration. Iran is one of the biggest natural stone exporters. Beige, Cream, Chocolate and Brown travertines are existing in all parts of Iran. Because of these mentioned points, brown travertine would be available in high variety and best quality at MGT Stone Company.

Dark Red Travertine

The Persian Red Travertine range is offered in both slab and tile formats, with tiles being manufactured in predefined measurements outlined below and slab sizes varying depending on the stone block extracted. It is worth noting that for custom dimensions can be fabricated depending on the size of the projects.

Dark Silver Travertine

Dark Silver travertine, a stylish shade within the travertine family, features a porous texture and is widely employed in construction as a building material for various structures, including homes, offices, hospitals, temples, shrines, swimming pools, and bath complexes. Predominantly utilized for indoor applications such as wall coverings, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, silver travertine is also suitable for outdoor use due to its excellent durability in harsh weather conditions.

Grey Travertine

Grey Travertine is renowned for its unique blend of silver, grey, and white tones that bring sophistication and elegance to any space. Sourced from the famous travertine quarries of Kashan in central Iran, this stone is particularly noted for its clean appearance, free of gold or brown veins, making it a popular choice for modern design schemes. It is available in various finishes including polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled, and is ideal for slabs, tiles and pavers.

Noce travertine

Noce Travertine is an elegant medium to deep chocolate color, blending well with colors of nature and more vivid accent hues like beige. Noce is an Italian word that means walnut. Turkish Noce Travertine is very famous worldwide. This is while Iran has many Cream, Beige, Chocolate, and Noce Travertine Quarries.