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Golden Rose Marble

Golden Rose Marble or Ross Impero Marble is a Persian rose marble with soft rose background and lovely thin gold line. Moreover, Golden rose marble does not have any thick white line compared with Rojo Coral marble and this specific point leads to make your design fantastic and warm. This Persian rose marble has the most demands in Iran.

Graphite Marble

Graphite Marble is a distinguished natural stone celebrated for its deep, dark grey to black base and striking white or grey veining, offering a dramatic and sophisticated aesthetic. Predominantly found in Iran, this marble is valued for its durability, versatility, and the luxurious touch it brings to interiors and exteriors alike. Its unique texture and coloration make it a popular choice for high-end architectural projects, luxurious flooring, elegant countertops, and statement pieces, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional designs.

Grey Palladium Marble

The Neutral future of Grey Marble Causes compilation of Grey Marble with other colors like white, black, cream to be very attractive. On the other hand Iran’s position in having such strategic product is notable. Many countries including Turkey have just a few types of Greymarble available but like other type of stones, Iran have many types with vast variety in Grey Marble available normally.

Harsin Marble

Harsin marble tiles feature the unique mixture of white, gray and vanilla beige colors. The visually appealing combination of shades is sure to convey the sense of calmness and the spirit of freedom to the interior. This makes the Harsin Beige Marble polished tiles the perfect decoration material suitable for different surfaces from walls and floors to kitchen countertops and windowsills.

Jurassic Marble

The water color-like lines on its surface illustrate unique and outstanding patterns among other products. Different methods of cutting in various directions can lead to creating an artistic, painting-like piece of art which can be a great feature to produce fantastic book-matched slabs and tiles.

Majestic Rose Marble

The quality and structure of this red Marble allows MGT Company production line to produce a product with leather surface and also with high strength and hardness. This should be noted that this leather form of this product is very popular. Moreover, the production of Rose Marble contains certain complexities that have made the production of this simple product to a specialized process.

Marjan Cream Marble

Quarried in Iran, Marjan Cream Marble is one of the most popular and classic marbles in building industry, featuring unique cream color with variable veining. There are several grades for Marjan Cream marble: Commercial and Selective.

Marshal Marble

One of the most impressive features of this Marble is the glossiness and well-polished looks which come from the high quality and noticeable chemicals of the stone! MGT Stone Co. using the best and most up to dated machines is able to provide this beautiful product with the highest quality possible. Marshal Marble is currently being used in various residential and commercial projects in shapes of tiles and slabs due to its exquisite and flawless patterns!

Mercury Black Marble

Mercury black marble, also known as black wave marble, is wavy black marble. The special smoky colour of it looks like you are repeatedly painting a thick smoky colour on the canvas in a parallel or wavy pattern. The traces of the brush on the canvas and sometimes the whiteness of the canvas appear in the labyrinth of black colours.

Moon Cream Marble

Moon Cream Marble is an ivory cream beige marble with light shades of colors quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, fountains, and any other design project. It is also called Moonstone Cream Marble. Moon Cream Marble can be quickly processed into high-quality polished slabs or tiles. This marble is an exquisite natural stone that can turn your home into heaven!

Oceano Marble

Oceano marble which illustrates the lovely combination of color in nature and would be popular for using in luxury place of buildings. It can be seen brown, Blue and cream colors. MGT Stone Co would be able to supply this Crema Blue marble with high quality of slabs and having selected blocks from best quarries of Iran.

Paradise Marble

Paradise Marble is a classy and stylish cream marble, a luxurious choice for walls and floors in residential and commercial properties. Whether for the perfect walking surface for your floors or the answer to a blank wall, let Paradise Marble envelop you.