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Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble, a distinctive and eye-catching Iranian marble, features a greyish-black background adorned with both thick and thin white veins, creating a gentle and elegant appearance. This marble is one of the oldest building stones in Iran, with its quarry discovered around 50 years ago in the Lashator district of Isfahan Province. The globally recognized name, Pietra Grey Marble, has Italian origins, inspired by Italy's renowned Pietra stone.

Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble has a very dark black background with irregular veins in the shape of white spots which are appeared on its surface and made this stone pattern as a unique item to remind us that stars shine in a ROYAL BLACK sky!

Cloud Pure White Marble

Plain White Marble is another name for this marble, which is one of the beautiful and oldest marbles from Iran. There are many marble quarries located in the Azna area in Lorestan province, having this white marble. The best quarry that provides pure and healthy white marble blocks belongs to the MGT Stone Company.

Venus White Marble

Thassos White Marble, Mugla White Marble and Vietnam White Marble are all reputed names in pure white marble category. Beside our other great white marbles like Cloud White Marble, Persian Carrara Marble and Ice White Marble, we would like to introduce a Persian Pure White Marble for the first time called Venus White Marble.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is a crystal marble from Italy originally. It is one of the most famous and oldest white crystal marbles among all other white marbles in the world. People in The stone business know about Carrara marble due to its unique beauty.

Deniz White Marble

MGT stone company exclusively presents its white and black Marble with the name Deniz white. Deniz white is a pure white colour with beautiful black veins and dots. The name Deniz is a gender-neutral name of Turkish origin that means SEA. The first time we saw Deniz White Marble as a polished slab, we recalled our memories! The gentle, beautiful veins on the pure and bright white background are a reminder of the beautiful roaring waves of the sea.

Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble has a very dark and clear background but what makes it different in this beautiful black marble, is the narrow and regular white lines on the background. We can also mention the grading texture of this stone as well which is so fine and dense and causes a very clear and shiny look on this stone.

Arabescato Marble

Arabescato marble is an exquisite combination of soft whites and dusty grays that swirl together in a timeless marble pattern. Persian Arabescato Marble comes from Iran and it is very similar to Italian Arabescato Marble. This marble has been prized for the intricate and elaborate patterning it exhibits.

Armani Bronze Marble

Brown or chocolate is one of the basic colors in the stone industry. There is a wide range of brown marbles in Iran as well as the rest of the world, some of which, like the Armani Bronze Marble, are world-famous and are considered among the luxury and precious stones in stone industry.

Bela Marble

This Iranian cream beige marble with a lovely wave background gives a rich and inviting feel. MGT Natural stone company selects the best and highest quality of cream beige marble blocks from the quarry and make it ready-to-ship in different size of slabs, blocks and tiles from its warehouse to all countries.

Black Mamba Marble

Mamba black marble has a smooth texture, which made it a choice for those prefer to buy absolute black marble. This dramatic black marble with smooth thin veins is a perfect choice if you want to make a statement. Use it for walls, backsplashes, and floors for residential and commercial properties.

Blue Jeans Marble

Blue Marble is regarded as a natural stone which unconsciously reminds you of the blue sky or endless ocean. In other words, the blue color associates with natural elements and nature mostly. Because of its association with loyalty and scarcity, blue is regarded as precious and unique feature of every stone classification.