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Blue Wood Crystal

Elegant with a modern flare, Blue Wood Marble with its crystal components feature a white background accented with fine blue stripes. Its fine crystalline accents bring that WOW factor to any project. Most Designers that are interested in our Blue Wood Marble are also very interested in our Blue Fusion Marble.

Botticino Marble

The cream color of Botticino Marble is very different with other Cream Marbles. The beauty and Transparency of this stone product has beautified many luxuries hotels and buildings in the world. The most important clients for Iran’s Botticino Marble are special factories and Companies from china who are in demand of this stone all the time.

Cappuccino Marble

This beige colored marbled which is called “Cappuccino Marble” has a perfectly fine texture along with medium darkness in color that is the result of the composition of light chocolate brown and the background with the same color.

Desert Marble

Desert Marble is a solid and compressive stone that increase the level of polishing in this stone. Like many other marble stones, the cutting method would be cross cut in this stone. The beautiful slabs with uniform color is very eye catching in Desert Marble stone. Design and color of Desert Marble is suitable for both modern and classic projects.

Emperador Gold Marble

Gold Marble known as Emprador Gold Marble is considered as a luxurious stone with great value. The golden color has been always in a great position for decorative and artistic projects. Golden Marble has great place in modern projects for designers, Even due the golden future of Emprador Marble in Golden Marble seems to recall about classic days.

Eramosa Wood Marble

Eramosa Marble is one of the fantastic MGT’s products with lovely wooden brown pattern. Sleek and sophisticated Eramosa Marble, also known as, Idyllwild Marble and Tobacco Brown feature a dark brown background with multiple darker brown bands. Its modern aesthetic and contemporary feel compliments today’s home.

Escato Marble

Escato Marble has a white background with black veins on its surface. The excellent combination of black and white represents the energy of power, protection, and masculinity while the white color is the symbol of softness, gentleness, and femininity. When paired together, they create overall balance and harmony within the space.

Forest Green Marble

Forest Green marble (Verde Marble) also known as Bidasar Green marble stone is a widely used marble. The green colored veins offer a very natural forest appearance to this stone. This lovely Green marble stone is available in forms of tiles, slabs, and blocks at MGT stockyard.

Fossil Marble

Our offered Fossil Marble is originated from Iran. Morocco as one of the origin for marbles has many marbles with a similar color. Black fossil marble and brown fossil marble are from Morocco. China flower gray marble and seashell beige marble are some other similar marbles. Italy’s similar marble is fossil marron marble.

Frozen Blue Vein Marble

Frozen Blue Vein Marble has different types depends on the background color and the amount of veins. The first type has a white background with thick fusion blue veins. Now, this type of crystal marble is very popular and trendy for architectural projects in Iran. Another sort of marble has a gray background with very dark veins.

Golden Black Marble

Black Gold Marble can also be called Golden Black Marble which is the brand name of this stone and well known in the market. Golden Black Marble is a stone with unique dark black background and beautiful white lines along with nice flakes among them including golden colors in random patterns which makes an impressive design on this marble.

Golden Galaxy Marble

Like other stones with unique veins, Golden Galaxy Slab with having straight or beveled golden and white veins, has created a luxury valuable and at the same time simple slab look for esteemed consumers. Golden Galaxy Slab is applicable for modern environments. Not unpleasant to say that book match Golden Galaxy Slab reminds eye-catching paintings!